UAB Turicum was established in 1998 in Vilnius, Lithuania as a distribution company and service provider to internationally active foreign enterprises, who had a long term strategic interest and wished to start their business activities in the Baltic States. As the name of the company suggest, Turicum is a Swiss owned company with its legal domicile in Vilnius.

TURICUM is what the Romans called the small fortification where the lake of Zurich empties into the Limmat river. Being named after the ancient name of today’s commercial and financial capital of Switzerland is a sign of our commitment to high quality services for and based on a mutually fruitful long-term relationship with our clients.

Its main focus has been and still is to provide solutions for its clients from their first steps into the Baltic market. The threshold for the entry into the three rather small Baltic countries has often been considered too high by small and medium size enterprises (SME) for establishing their own presence. Turicum, working out with its clients “tailor made” solutions to suit their individual needs, has developed over the years the tools and services to make the market entry easy while containing the risk.

Turicum’s focus from the beginning also included the establishment of distribution networks for its clients either through its own channels or through specialized partner companies. With the Baltic countries becoming members of the European Union and thus the commercial activities for European being carried out under EU standards, Turicum has put more emphasis on the provision of  financial, accounting, and administrative services and has established relations with a network of trusted service providers (such as legal, IT,  auditing services etc.), which enable Turicum to structure the market entry for foreign companies effectively and at predictable cost and allowing its clients to adapt the structure easily as its business develops.