Timeliness... Understanding… Reliability... Innovation… Core Business... Uniqueness… Market Orientation...

Timeliness is essential for business success, both for our clients as well as for us. We are committed to provide our services in time and to meet the deadlines agreed with our clients or fixed by the authorities.

Understanding: Without understanding our clients’ needs and business, we cannot provide our services on the high level of quality that we have set for ourselves. To understand our clients is an essential up front and ongoing investment into our relationship with our clients.

Reliability: Reliability in all we do for  our clients, who often are nor  closely familiar with the business conditions and environment in Lithuania, is a key prerequisite to our clients’ successful business operations. Turicum is committed to guarantee the high quality of its services and the professionality of its advice that complies with the professional and ethical standards.

Innovative solutions for our clients’ needs are part of search for excellence in the provision of our services, especially in the international context that most our clients are operating in.

Core Business:
To allow our clients to focus on their core business without having to be concerned with the non-core activities is a key element of  Turicum’s  mission.

Uniqueness: The needs our clients are unique and require solutions that are  “tailor made” to the clients’ situation. 

Market Orientation: Our international clients operate in a market which differs from their home market. Our team’s international experience allows us to support our clients in bridging these differences successfully and ensures at the same time that our clients are able to comply with Lithuanian legislation and business culture.